WS Hampshire

Custom Composite Solutions

WS Hampshire

WS Hampshire is a full-service, custom fabricator of non-metallic materials including Ryertex Composites and Timco Technical Thermoplastics which are used in a variety of industrial applications including bearings, bushings, sheaves, and wear pads. Other materials that we regularly fabricate include thermal insulating boards, structural fiberglass, electrical insulation.

Custom Fabricator Of Ryertex
Thermosets & Timco Technical

We specialize in vacuum forming and thermo forming in a variety of thermoplastics. Additional services such as mold design, silk-screening, and custom assembly are also available.

WS Hampshire capabilities include:

Operates state of the art, high speed, precision CNC fabricating machines.

  • Tubes to 50″ diameter
  • Plates to 6″ thick

Flexible Fabrication Services

  • Stamping
  • Die-cutting.

Materials included

  • Ryertex
  • Timco Technical Plastics
  • Electrical insulation
  • Phenolics
  • Composite Fiberglass for Structural and Electrical Applications
  • Thermal Insulation for Industrial Applications and NorPLY

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