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AllFavor Technology, Inc.

Since 2005,

AllFavor Technology, Inc. is a direct manufacturing source for printed circuit boards, specializing in Rigid, Flex and Flex-Rigid PCBs. Established in 2005, Allfavor manufactures printed circuit boards for the industrial, automotive, medical, aerospace, communication, lighting and food service industries. AllFavor’s North American Division is centrally located in the Chicago suburbs, with three manufacturing facilities in China.

Service Beyond Expectation

AllFavor preserves their position in the market of high mix, low to medium volume by maintaining high quality product with a quick to market delivery and competitive pricing.

AllFavor’s capabilities include:

  • Rigid PCB 2-14 layer
  • Flex/ Rigid Flex
  • RF/HF using Rodgers, Arlon, & Taconic Materials
  • Metal Clad (AL / CU) base
  • Heavy copper(UL 2-6 OZ)
  • Quick turn 5-10 days
  • Standard lead time 3-4 wks

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